Steering rack.New non-original. For cars AUDI A4 8E2,8E5,8ED,B6

Additional information

Car model

AUDI A4/ A4 Avant (8E2,8E5,8ED,B6,B7) 2000 – 2008

OEM number

3B1422071R, 4A1422065J, 8D1422052B, 8D1422052BX, 8D1422052E, 8D1422052MX, 8D1422052N, 8D1422052P, 8D1422052PX, 8D1422053B, 8D1422053BX, 8D1422053CX, 8D1422069F, 8D1422069G, 8D1422074E, 8D1422105A, 8DA1422074A, 8E1422052PX, 8E1422053B, 8E1422053C, 8E1422053M, 8E1422054A, 8E1422065D, 8E1422065E, 8E1422065S, 8E1422066D, 8E1422066R, 8E1422066T, 8E1422071C, 8H1422065B


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