Acerca de la compañía

The beginning of our activity in the field of sales of steering parts-1996. During this period of time, there were still few production in the world that specialize in this field. Concluding contracts with suppliers from Europe and North America and doing sales in the domestic market, we simultaneously collected information about the quality and reliability of the products sold, analyzed comments and claims from car repair shops, shops and individuals.

 As a result of the work done, we had to abandon the products of those suppliers, from which there were a large number of complaints and claims for quality and reliability. At the beginning of 2000, we formed a clear system of requirements, which must correspond to the production with which we conclude contracts. Based on these requirements, we have achieved that the percentage of complaints on the products sold has decreased to 0.75-1%.

 Since 2013, we have started sales around the world. The products of our selected suppliers met our expectations. Organizations and individuals from Europe, USA, Japan and other regions send good feedback on the quality and reliability of the products. We also became convinced that our consumers are of high opinion and of our work as reliable suppliers. And we never raised the issue of price competition with the steering raсks presented on the Asian trading floors.

 All products are sent to customers through the state postal service, AIR delivery. Delivery times eg in the US and Japan about 14 days from the time of dispatch to receipt by the addressee, to Europe about 7-10 days. The cost of sending the steering gear, calculated individually, sending an envelope with oil seals in any country in the world costs 5 euros.

 For the convenience of work, we also began to produce catalogs, according to the use of oil seals in steering raсks and steering gearboxes. Currently, the catalog contains a description and photographs of more than 750 types of steering mechanisms, more than 360 steering raсks prescribed for oil seals. Catalogs are made in high-quality printing, with high resolution (the size of the original photograph is 5600 pixels, with a resolution of 300dpi).